Hello everybody. This is Shannon. How was your winter vacation? I hope you had a relaxing time. Where did you go? What did you do? Was it fun?


I went back to Australia to visit my mum. In December in Australia it is summer. It is very hot everyday. It is about 32 degrees everyday. I went swimming in the ocean every morning. The beach was beautiful, and the ocean refreshing. Swimming in the ocean is my favourite thing to do. I also visited my friends, went shopping, and ate a lot of different foods.


My wife loves visiting Australia. She loves shopping and eating, too. She also likes to drink Australian beer. My wife doesn’t like the ocean though; she said the waves are too big. But she likes snorkelling in my mother’s pool. I haven’t told her about the sharks in my mother’s pool.

              Have you been to Australia? It is very expensive. I recommend New Zealand. It is cheaper than Australia.


Now, I am back in Japan working at my favourite language school and life is just swelleroo! I’m so happy, happy, happy. Well, that’s all the news I have about my winter . . . or summer vacation. Study hard! Shannon.